What’s the Real Story : Blue Whale Bitten in Half 2021

What’s the Real Story : Blue Whale Bitten in Half 2021

Blue Whale is a popular online game that has taken the internet by storm in the past few years. The game involves players completing various “challenges”, such as watching horror movies or writing suicide notes, to receive rewards such as money or temporary privileges in the game. In January 2021, reports of teenagers committing suicide after playing Blue Whale began to circulate on social media. As the game gained more and more popularity, so did the tragic stories of young people taking their own lives after playing it. Is Blue Whale really to blame for these suicides? And what is the real story behind it all? In this blog post, we will explore all of these questions and more. Learn more.. What’s the Real Story : Blue Whale Bitten in Half 2021

What is the Blue Whale Challenge?

According to reports, a 21-year-old Norwegian woman has been hospitalized after finishing the infamous “Blue Whale” challenge. The challenge is a series of 50 tasks that vary in difficulty, and are meant to be completed over 50 days. Some of the tasks include watching horror movies, self-harming, and writing fan letters to people you don’t know. The final task is to commit suicide.

Although the exact nature of the woman’s injuries is not yet known, it is suspected that she suffered from a self-inflicted injury, as part of completing the challenge. Although there have been previous reports of participants dying after completing the challenge, this is reportedly the first time that someone has actually sustained serious injuries as a result.

The Blue Whale Challenge has come under fire in recent weeks after several teenagers died as a result of taking part in it. The Norwegian woman’s hospitalization may help bring attention to this dangerous and highly addictive game, and hopefully prevent other teenagers from succumbing to its lure.

What are the risks of participating in the Blue Whale Challenge?

There is a lot of misinformation out there about the Blue Whale Challenge, and while some of it may be scaremongering, there are some very real risks associated with participating. The challenge consists of performing a series of tasks that range from mildly distressing to downright dangerous, and while the final goal is unknown to most participants, the likelihood of completing it increases with each task.

Some of the more serious risks associated with the challenge include self-mutilation, psychological distress, and even suicide. While some people may be able to complete the challenges without any negative consequences, for others it can lead to serious problems. If you are concerned about participating in the challenge or are having difficulty resisting it, please seek help from a professional.

What happened to the person who was bitten by a Blue Whale in half?

In November of 2017, a person was bitten in half by a Blue Whale while they were swimming in the ocean. The media frenzy that followed this unfortunate incident resulted in many people believing the bizarre and exaggerated rumors that circulated online. However, what actually happened to this person is much more complicated than what was initially reported.

According to reports, the person who was bitten in half by the Blue Whale was actually victim of an accidental diving accident. The report notes that the person had been participating in a group activity when they were injured. It is unclear how exactly the injury occurred, but it seems that they may have been caught between two rocks while diving and their clothing became entangled with one of the rocks. In spite of being rushed to a nearby hospital, they died from their injuries shortly after arriving.

While this story may seem tragic and mysterious, it’s important to keep in mind that it is not representative of all cases involving Blue Whales. In general, these animals are quite docile and generally very shy when encountered by humans; however, there have been documented cases where these creatures have attacked humans unexpectedly. So if you find yourself wondering about any unusual or scary injuries you may have sustained during your lifetime, be sure to consult with a medical professional first to rule out any potential causes for concern.


There are a lot of rumors floating around about the Blue Whale Challenge, but what is the real story? In short, it’s not as dangerous as people make it out to be. While there have been some serious injuries from taking on this challenge (most notably a 16-year old boy who died and several others who were hospitalized), the vast majority of participants report that the experience was positive and extremely fun. The challenge itself consists of completing 50 different tasks (some as easy as sending a friend request on social media or watching a simple video) over an extended period of time. Some people seem to think that these challenges are designed to push participants beyond their comfort zone, but in reality most are pretty tame and could actually be completed in minutes if you’re determined enough. Overall, the Blue Whale Challenge appears to be a harmless online game with potential risks associated with completing certain challenges (like going too far or attempting something that is outside your skill set), but for the most part it’s just another way for people to connect and have some fun. So whatever you think about this challenge – whether you believe it’s deadly or simply entertaining – remember that there is probably more truth to be found in between than either side would like us to know.

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