Why Internet Connection Slows Down?

A slow internet can be a nightmare. Whether it is in the home or office, slow internet usually happens due to internal issues and not from your service provider’s end. Still, it is better to test your internet speed before doing anything. If the speed is not what you are paying for, check if all the wires are connected properly, switch off any unnecessary devices on the same network, and refresh or restart the computer. Sometimes the internet service providers limit bandwidth to your location, which causes issues. So, to prevent them from happening, always go for a trusted and reliable ISP from the start. For that, we recommend Mediacom internet for its decent speeds, multiple packages, and good service. Visit here to get more details and services, or buy one. However, if the problem persists, then it means something else needs fixing.

Still, even if your connection is troubling, there is no need to worry. First, figure out the problem, and then comes the solution. Many things can affect your internet speed, and we have listed some of them here below.

Stuffed Network

If your internet is running fine throughout the day but choppy at night, there could be too much load. It is when a lot of people are online on the same network, simultaneously. This is also called rush time or peak hours.

Here the problem is that every connection has a set bandwidth that it can support, and exceeding that limit can result in slower speeds. Moreover, some internet providers also tweak speeds by throttling the internet networks or limiting data amount. So, how bad is a stuffed network?

  • If ping drops – high latency in the game with the possibility of disconnection.
  • Slow download speed – issues in video streaming and downloading data.
  • Slow upload speed – bad video chat quality and slow uploads.

Type of Connection

The different connection types can also have an impact on your internet speed. Most of the time, a wired internet connection is better than a wireless one because of its speed and reliability. However, a wireless connection has two frequencies and since wireless technology is upgrading and getting more audience, it is better to know the difference between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies.

The 2.4 GHz frequency wireless signals have slow speeds but a wider range. On the flip side, the 5 GHz frequency has a shorter range but is much faster in speed. So, you have to be wise when selecting the frequency as it can affect the internet speed.

Equipment Location

When you get a new connection, the service person will set up your modem and router, or you can tell them where to put it. Mostly, a central location in the house on the highest floor or an elevated position is a good choice. This gives room for the signals to distribute evenly throughout the house. It also bypasses any solid objects that may become an obstruction in signals.

If you are experiencing connection issues, consider raising your router to higher ground. You’ll feel the difference.  

Outdated Device

Another thing that affects the quality and speed of a connection is outdated devices. This includes device maintenance, service, and drivers. But, if you have an old device, you will not be able to fully utilize newer internet technologies or not know the number of connections on the network.

Mostly, people avoid upgrading to a new driver as it is costly and will take time to understand it completely. But newer models have better technologies and easier setups, so it is wise to do that. However, if you cannot change the device yet, then look for a management app from your internet provider or from the internet. With it, you can monitor your connection and performance. And if it starts to drop, you can disconnect devices not in use or unknown devices to free up bandwidth.

Limited Data Plan

Data caps are common. Most internet packages today include a maximum data limit after which you have to buy more data. Mostly, this happens with DSL or cable connections and it is a nightmare.

Instead of going for a cheap way out and facing trouble later on, it is better to get a decent package at little extra money but unlimited data. Many providers give decent speeds at market-competitive rates such as Mediacom internet. Click here to see their plans and packages and get a connection you’ll be happy about later.


The Internet is still technology and, at some point, may face troubles. These troubles can end up slowing down your internet, causing disconnections and distortions everywhere. However, don’t worry; no problem comes without a solution. The methods we mentioned above mostly work and restore your connection speed to what you are paying for. If it doesn’t, you can always call your internet service provider and ask for their assistance. They will know what to do!

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