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The R5120x1440p 329 resident evil 2 image remake has always been my favorite of the three original Resident Evil games for the PlayStation. I like how the game plunges you right in and keeps on presenting you with life-or-death situations at a respectable rate. When the new wave of Remakes began, RE2 was the first game to get a makeover for the (at the time) current-gen consoles. The game employs the over-the-shoulder viewpoint first seen in Resident Evil 4. And runs on the same RE Engine as the critically acclaimed Resident Evil: Biohazard (RE7 in the mainstream series).

You could immediately see how much thought went into this recreation. Check out the greasy, repulsive burger the truck driver is eating in the first scene! Look at how realistic the faces of the characters are. See how shiny (and a little unrealistic) everything seems when it’s wet? The shiny (and rather artificial) aesthetics of the PS4 are the current generation.

Both Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield’s opening cutscenes proceed similarly to how they did in the PSX original. Culminating in the two being split up by fate (and the previously mentioned, now-infected trucker who causes a serious accident) and having to travel to the Raccoon City Police Department, where they hope to find out more about the mysterious outbreak and the mayhem and destruction it has brought about.

About 5120x1440p 329 resident evil 2 image

Cut to the elegantly executed and painstakingly well-designed opening titles. You are prepared to encounter an old classic that has been updated for today’s gamers by the way the visuals, color, and music blend together in a single aesthetic. While cutscenes are mixed with real video in this game rather than full motion video, which was used in older games to create a theatrical experience, it’s still fascinating to see a well-known game remade.

While many people, very rightly, despise the tank controls that persisted until 5120x1440p 329 resident evil 2 image, I personally like them in the earlier games. If they were put into practise, I have a hunch the difficulty pendulum would swing too far the other way.

I keep the control layout at the traditional setting even while playing Resident Evil HD Remake and Zero on the PS4. It just works better to have “up” constantly move your character ahead, particularly when the camera position changes.

Speaking of controls, headshots are a huge problem in RE2, mostly because there is practically never a reward for landing one, even if there is no tank control here. Even if you repeatedly shoot zombies in the head, it will still use up just as many bullets as shooting them in the body. The Las Plagas mutation would have to not grow hostile tendrils after the head was removed for a headshot to be successful in RE4; but, in this instance, the head is merely another bullet sponge.


Since resource management and item management are key components of the challenge, and since you will often have to go through the same places more than once, as is the case with almost all non-linear RE games, you must choose whether you wish to kill or avoid adversaries.

In heavy traffic sections like the first-floor west hallway, which will become infested with zombies about the time Mr. X begins appearing to haunt you, you should use boards from RE2 to shut open windows.

Mr. X

Let’s discuss Mr. X. didn’t appear in the first game until your second run. He appears in the remake somewhere in the middle of the police station scene. He continues to be a slow-moving Michael Myers murderer.

Your anxiety will spike at the sound of his boots hitting the ground. Moving those awful bookshelves in the library is the portion of this game that I really hate every time I play it. The time it takes to shift the bookshelves from left to right (in order to make an overhead passage) is difficult enough without adding in the fact that the area is already (typically) populated with zombies that can grab you when you’re not looking. It’s terrible to have the added worry that Mr. X may enter the room at any moment and seize you.

RE2R excels at inspiring terror. Even though the first RE2 was excellent. It was not among the scarier films. Those dogs were smashing through windows in the original. Hunters would appear unexpectedly when you thought the mansion was mostly empty. Even the action-packed RE4 included the sneaky Ganados. Not to mention Dr. “Chainsaw Man” Salvador and Garrador, my particular nightmare.

The 5120x1440p 329 resident evil 2 image remake has a moodier, darker tone. Things hide in plain sight. Noises are useful cues. But they’ll make you nervous (especially with headphones on). Additionally, after Mr. X arrives, you must remain as silent as. You can to avoid alerting him to your location with gunshots or other loud noises. While I’ll agree that it might be irritating to be lost and have to go around in circles in order to find it. You very seldom find yourself in a situation where you have no way out (even if you may need to take some damage in the process).

The supporting players

Marvin, for example, is given additional development (I suppose that pun was intended). He was basically a fading exposition machine in the original. He helps Leon locate the hidden door under the station. Saving his life in the process. I would have put him out of his suffering. But RE games have little ammunition.

Chief Irons is still as nefarious and ambiguously lewd as ever. Even if she receives an alternative ending in one of the challenging Ghost Survivors situations the game presents, poor Katherine Warren still ends up on a table.

In relation to that, Robert Kendo, the beloved proprietor of the gun store. Is given a more sad past this time. And yes, I am aware that he was destroyed in the first RE2. Even his alternative Ghost Survivors scenario does not retract the idea. That there are outcomes worse than death.

Ada remains Ada, as evasive as ever. The Birkins remain the same. This time, Annette escapes a more degrading demise—at least she doesn’t get crushed to death by a falling pipe at random. The moment Ben the reporter arrives, he lies. The general framework is still in place.

Plotting a Course

With the exception of a small new part in a nursery, the narrative develops much in the same way as the original. There are a few little adjustments here and there. And I think they were made to connect the 5120x1440p 329 resident evil 2 images torylines.

I discovered that some of the zombies would evolve into monsters that were like those in RE4 after playing RE3R. If I were to hazard a guess, they’ll probably attempt to draw a stronger distinction between zombies that originated from Las Vegas. And those who sprang from the T and G viruses.

The storylines in RE games have never really interested me. They are campy, and I believe they are aware of it. That’s OK with me. I like Cobra Kai because I am aware of how sincere and corny it is. The RE games are crazy and absurd. But when Chris is super-punching stuff in RE7, I can only assume that they are aware of the “rock punching” jokes that sprang from the conclusion of RE5.

Manual Instruction

That stuff doesn’t really matter to me since. I came from a time when games had instruction manuals with badly translated plots that often didn’t match up with in-game language. But it is the correct thing to do to attempt to give the remakes (and the series as a whole) some kind of coherence.

But the game lacked a mercenary mode, something it desperately needed. RE3R also skipped it. Fortunately, I believe the RE4 Merc mode requirement has been made clear by the fans. Do not harm us, Capcom.

I love this game overall, but it’s not perfect. I’ve gone through the game multiple times. Both the situations and the characters. There are unlockable, just like in every excellent RE game. There are numerous varieties of hunk and tofu available here. Alternate outfits, tools, and goods are also available. It’s also possible to purchase the original music as downloadable content. Which I think is pretty stupid. It’s understandable if you want to purchase DLC that will make the game simpler for you. But this is a feature that should either come standard with the game or be provided later as free DLC.

Brad Vickers, that yellow-bellied coward, is also not allowed. Despite the fact. That the game has a “poster boy” Easter egg, After all, the original trilogy depends on Brad leaving everyone stranded in the house in the first game. Well, he’ll eventually have to answer for his actions.

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