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duke service now is a cloud-based service that provides a single platform to manage all of an organization’s IT services and processes. It consolidates all of an organization’s IT operations into a single system, which makes it easier to track and manage IT issues and requests. ServiceNow also provides a self-service portal for employees to submit IT requests and track the status of their requests.

  1. Duke Service Now – What is it?

Duke Service Now What is it

Duke University’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) is excited to announce the implementation of a new campus-wide service management system – ServiceNow.

ServiceNow is a cloud-based solution that will replace the current Service Desk system (Footprints) and will provide many new and enhanced capabilities for the Duke community.

Some of the benefits of ServiceNow include:

  • A modern, intuitive user interface
  • A mobile app for submitting and tracking service requests
  • Improved self-service capabilities
  • An integrated knowledge base
  • A streamlined request and approval process
  • Enhanced reporting and analytics

ServiceNow will go live on Monday, August 14, 2017.

For more information, please visit the ServiceNow project website at:

How can Duke Service Now help you?

Duke Now is a cloud-based that helps you manage your work and personal tasks. It can be used to create and track to-do lists, set reminders, and keep track of your progress on projects. Duke Service Now can also be used to collaborate with others on projects, share files, and chat in real time.

What are the benefits of using Duke Service Now?

Duke Now is an online that helps you manage your Duke University services and accounts. It is a convenient way to stay connected with your Duke services and accounts, and it helps you keep track of your Duke University ID number, password, and other important account information. Now also helps you manage your University email account and calendar. You can use Duke Now to pay your University tuition bill, check your Duke University transcript, and register for Duke University classes. Now is a secure, online service that is available to all Duke University students, faculty, and staff.

How to get started with Duke Service Now

Duke Now is a web-based that provides access to information and tools related to the University’s business processes. The site includes a wide variety of resources, including an online knowledge base, online forms, and a list of common business processes.

The site divided into six main sections:

My Work: This section includes your personal task list, your team’s task list, and a list of all the tasks you are currently working on.

Service Catalog: The Service Catalog provides a list of all the services that are available through Service Now.

Self-Service: The Self-Service section provides access to online forms and the knowledge base.

Reporting: The Reporting section provides access to a variety of reports, including a list of all the incidents that have reported.

Administration: The Administration section provides access to the administrative functions of Service Now.

Duke Now is a valuable resource for anyone who needs to access University business processes. The site is easy to use and provides a wealth of information and tools.


Duke now is an online portal that provides information and services for students, faculty, and staff. The portal includes a wide range of resources, including a searchable directory of Duke services, a calendar of events, and a news feed. The site also provides access to Duke’s online email and collaboration tools. Duke now is a valuable resource for the Duke community.

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