Explicit Overview of Timeshare Freedom Group: 2023

Are you looking for a California-based timeshare exit company? Timeshare Freedom Group is the one for you. At first glance, this timeshare exit company seems all professional; it terminates the contract and eliminates the timeshare mortgage with maintenance fees. Still, if you doubt whether “Is Timeshare Freedom Group a legit company,” keep reading. This article will clear all your doubts and help you make a wise decision.     

Timeshare Freedom Group is one of the reputed timeshares exit companies! With all positive reviews, this firm is considered a reliable source to terminate your contract. Their team shares a good working relationship with timeshare contract developers, which helps them to navigate the right exit plan for their clients.    

Timeshare exit companies like – Timeshare Freedom Group are capable enough to help you with legal assistance, as they are partnered with law firms to terminate contracts legally. 

Benefits of Hiring Timeshare Freedom Group  

Amongst various benefits, there are a few clear advantages of hiring a Timeshare Freedom Group. Stay hooked, and keep reading on!  

  • Timeshare Freedom Group offers online assistance around the clock. You can contact them through their website if you have any concerns.  
  • This exit company offers timeshare cancellation services for international clients as well.   
  • If the team fails to terminate the contract, you may stand a chance to get a refund of the total amount.    
  • Timeshare Freedom Group claims that they can terminate your contract legally and permanently.  
  • Timeshare Freedom Group is certified and has years of experience in tackling legal and financial bottlenecks you have in your contract.  

Step-Wise Guide to Terminating the Contract   

If you hire Timeshare Freedom Group to terminate your unwanted timeshare contract, you can get rid of the timeshare in half a day. To grab in-depth knowledge, read the following guide –    

  • Investigation   

In the first step, Timeshare Freedom Group investigates the cause of terminating the timeshare contract. A client specialist will contact you and try to understand your unique situation. He may ask for basic details and personal documents.    

  • Prepare Litigation   

Once your details have been taken, Timeshare Freedom Group will appoint an expert for your case, and he will prepare your case along with lawyers for litigation purposes. He will also guide you through the available option to terminate the contract.     

  • Advocating  

In the next step, a lawyer will establish your case and fight in front of the panel. He may then ask for additional information before canceling your contract.     

  • Termination   

In the very last step, if the contract developer approves contract termination, a specialist will send you a file of paperwork to sign. Once the contract is terminated, you will receive a termination letter for the sake of validation.    

The Timespan of Terminating a Timeshare   

Although nobody can give you the exact time required to terminate the contract, any timeshare exit companies will first analyze your case and the cause behind termination and take on further procedures afterwards. A standard 9-12 months is required to complete the documentation and terminate the contract. However, if you go by the Trustpilot feature, the process can take up to 18 months if your timeshare termination process is complicated. However, if the period takes more than the designated time, suppose 24 months. In that case, Timeshare Freedom Group claims to provide the total amount refunded.    

But again, the period of 24 months is not short. If it’s not feasible for you to wait that long, we highly recommend you go for the escrow payment option. Hold some amount and pay after your contract is terminated successfully. And try to divide your payment; only pay part of the amount in one go.   


Hopefully, our article was helpful enough to guide you through the benefits of hiring Timeshare Freedom Group and the process of terminating the contract.   

Again, consider the guide above for clarity if you need any detail.

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