How To Turn Off Headphone Safety on iPhone With a Step-By-Step Guide?

iPhone has several features that are used for different purposes. These features are made for the overall safety of these devices. For example, turning on and off the volume to a safe level on your mobile phone is important to keep you away from any major hearing damage. For this purpose, a headphone safety feature is made. However, the right way how to turn off headphone safety on iphone is yet to be discussed. 

This article is all about the iPhone headphone safety feature. Here you will learn about what this feature is all about, how you can turn off headphone safety on iPhone, and many other related things. 

iPhone headphone safety is a well-made safety feature in iPhone that is used for giving a safe limit to the volume of headphones to a safe level. If you want to get rid of damaging your hearing then you need to use this safety feature. 

A step-by-step guide on how to turn off headphone safety on iPhone:

Finding an excellent selection of headphones with safety features? Looking for a guide that will help you turn off headphone safety? Well, we are here to help you with these things. 

First, you need to know what is headphone safety.

Well, headphone safety is all about hearing protection. This feature not only limits the volume of your headphones but also makes it easier for you to protect against all kinds of damage to your ears that usually come with listening to music at high volume. 

Open your iPhone setting app.

After knowing about this safety feature, you will have to open your iPhone setting app. Open this setting and find “Music” there. Then you will have to tap on “Music” to proceed further. 

Disable your headphone safety.

There you will find a Playback section. Under this Playback section, there will be a Sound Check option. Make sure that this option or feature is turned off. That’s the way by which you can disable your headphone safety. 

Or open the control center in your settings. 

There is also a way to turn off this headphone safety on your iPhone. You can find the Control center in settings and then open it. There you will find an audio icon. Tap this icon that will be there right above the screen in the upper right corner. You can use this feature to slide the volume to the right and can safety turn off the volume.

Turn off headphones safety to avoid hearing damage.

Now you will need to reduce the volume of your headphone to get rid of all the hearing damage. 


All the steps that are mentioned now clearly show that the easiest way to follow how to turn off headphone safety on iPhone is the one that is included in this article. You can keep your ears away from damage by turning off this headphone safety feature. As for earphones, you can choose Souncore. SoundCore has many excellent features like headphone safety features for you. 

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