Serving Robots- What Is The Features Of Top One

As a result of years of research and development, the best-serving robot Lucki is able to deliver food. They are also able to keep customers entertained with the background music. Keep reading to know about the Lucki robot feature that is available at Orionstar.

Hardware platform

The Qualcomm 8 core chip is one of the most powerful chipsets on the market and is used in AI robots. The 32-bit Microchip MCU is a powerful microcontroller that offers a wide range of features and is used in the Lucki robot. The Intel Real Sense depth sensor is a powerful surrounding scanning that prevents robots from bumping into things.

Customized Robot operating system

Robots are increasingly becoming a staple in our everyday lives, providing help with everything. And while there are many different types of robots available on the market, one robot Lucki, a robot that stands out from the rest.

The Lucki robot is based on the Android 9.0 operating system. It is deeply customized to provide a unique and efficient experience for users. Some of the key features that make the Lucki robot so special include its ability to learn and adapt to new environments and its powerful and customizable software.

Overall, the Lucki robot is an impressive and unique robot that is sure to provide users with a valuable and convenient experience. Suppose you are looking for a robot that can help make your life easier. In that case, the Lucki robot is definitely worth considering.

Lidar Navigation System

Lucki, one of the top serving robots in the market, is equipped with Lidar, visual positioning, visual obstacle avoidance, an odometer, and IMU. These features make it an ideal choice for use in various environments.

Lidar is a sensor that uses lasers to map out an area. It is very accurate and can be used to measure distances and create 3D models of objects. Visual positioning uses cameras to identify landmarks and objects. This helps the robot navigate and avoid obstacles.

Visual obstacle avoidance uses cameras to detect and avoid obstacles. This is a critical safety feature that helps to prevent the robot from colliding with objects. Lucki has an odometer that measures distance. It is used to track the robot’s location and to calculate its speed.

IMU is a sensor that measures acceleration and orientation. This helps the robot maintain balance and know its orientation in space. These features make Lucki an ideal choice for use in various environments. It is equipped with the latest technology and can easily navigate and avoid obstacles.

Microphone Array

Microphone Arrays are used in Serving Robots to provide 360-degree sound source positioning and a 5m sound range. The Lucki has Microphone Array 6 microphone arrays that serve the customers. The customers can use voice commands to interact with the robot. The robot can also provide the customer with information about the product. The robot can also provide the customer with the price of the product.


There are plenty of features and options when it comes to serving robots. However, if you are looking for a serving robot with it all, you need to check out Top One. This serving robot is packed with features that will make your life easier, whether entertaining guests or simply trying to get dinner on the table.

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